Whenever a player makes a prediction he will earn base points according to the game odds provided by a 3rd party provider.

Boosted Points are calculated using your Pookyball Boost multiplier.

In the app, boosted points or boost percentages are always shown in yellow as opposed to base points in white.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 20.04.15.png

For example, if the match odds reward 200 points for finding the exact score, and your Pookyball has a 20% Exact Score Boost, you’ll have 240 boosted points if you guess the exact score.

Total Boosted Points for a prediction game is the sum of all your base points multiplied with their respective Pookyball boosters if applicable.

The sum of all your Boosted Points in a matchday will determine your rank in the boosted leaderboards. The higher you rank the higher the reward.

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